Perhaps in games of chance betting, the lottery is the game regardless of age and is the most popular player. Simple gameplay, not too much money to own a lottery ticket. Besides, many players dream of winning the lottery, they want to not be under financial pressure, so the number of people participating in the lottery is increasing. The lottery winnings are a huge amount. Without too many strategies, every player's ticket has a great chance of winning.

Appeared a long time ago and is increasingly popular with users. That is why the lottery is still on the rise of online gambling. Lottery betting does not take much time, players are also not limited to geographical distance. Anywhere, you can choose the lottery type in different countries.

When players enter the lottery, the first thing that comes to mind is the odds of winning. Below are the lotteries with the highest winning rates worldwide.

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1. Mini Lotto

This game belongs to Poland, few people know but this is the best jackpot currently with extremely high odds. Mini Lotto is a small version of the main lottery in Poland. Its special prize is around £ 50,000. The game's win rate is much greater than that of any lottery game, around 850,600 to one.

This is also the cheapest lottery, which will be drawn once a week on Friday. Players have many opportunities to receive prizes. Taking first place on the list of lottery prizes with the highest value is not too surprising.

2. French Loto

The French Lottery offers a 6: 1 winning prize. For those who regularly participate in lottery betting, this is an extremely attractive odds for players. With a small amount of money, players have the opportunity to own the minimum jackpot prize of € 2 million. According to statistics, the winning rate of this lottery ticket reaches € 19 million a day.

3. Irish Lotto

This type of lottery is offered with the best odds that stimulate the Jackpot to a player's odds of winning. The Irish Lotto's jackpot prize is at least 2 million euros for about 1.4 million pounds. With winning rates between 10.7 million and 1, lower than in other lottery games.

According to research, the rate of winning any prize is within 72/1. This is not a high number however if players are pursuing the jackpot they should participate. Currently, Irish Lotto is popular and is provided by many bookmakers.

4. EuroMillions

This is a game belonging to the publisher Camelot, taking place all over Europe and providing jackpots in the bonus spins. EuroMillions have jackpot odds of 116.5 million to one. It is one of the hardest to hit lottery games. That is why this is a game with a really high prize if the player wins the lottery. UK players have about a 1/13 chance of winning any prize. Nowadays this game is extremely popular, players who want to check the odds or start betting can choose whichever dealer they like. 

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5. The National Lottery

This is a lottery game originating from the UK. In the UK there are many different main lottery games, and with them attractive prizes. Camelot is the operator of the largest lottery in the UK and in the world.

The National Lottery has a match rate all after the number increased from 14 million to 1 or 45 million to one. Although the odds of any prize in this game are as high as 9.1 / 1 compared to 54/1, compared to the lottery tickets listed above, it is still not as attractive.


Now the lottery jackpots have a change with longer odds. Players should note that lottery prizes with a high hit rate are not equal to the lottery prize with a low odds of winning. Lottery is suitable for many players and does not take too much effort and money for the main game, so it is extremely popular. If players participate in the lottery, you should still choose a reputable bookmaker like 918kiss online slots Singapore to make the game more complete and secure.